Multiple tooth dental implant information

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants

multiple tooth dental implant options

Just as with one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be easily treated with dental implants. Implant supported teeth are permanently fixed in the mouth, unlike removable appliances like dentures. They don’t slip or click, and there is no worry about them moving or falling out when speaking, eating, or participating in activities. And because dental implants are placed directly into the bone, they help preserve the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration.

If the implants will be placed next to natural teeth, the natural teeth and surrounding gums must be in good health. If you don't have enough bone to place and support the dental implants, the supporting bone can be built up using bone augmentation or grafting before the actual implant procedure begins.

Multiple Tooth Dental Implant Bridge

What is a multiple tooth dental implant bridge

An implant bridge means that not every tooth being replaced by the implants has a dental implant supporting it directly. A bridge basically has one or more implants on each side that support all the teeth in between. Here we see 4 teeth being replaced with only two implants. This has the advantage of lower cost since fewer implants are used. However,  because there are fewer implants, there is more pressure on implants supporting a bridge than if each tooth had its own implant.

Bridges can be done but the dentist must evaluate the situation and advise the patient if a bridge will be a viable solution in the particular situation. As a general rule of thumb, a bridge can only be done in the anterior of the mouth where the biting forces are not as heavy. The most ideal position for a bridge is the lower example shown in the graphic.