Dental Implants & Orthodontics

Orthodontic Implants are tiny implants that are used with orthodontic treatment (braces) as anchors to move teeth. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". So moving teeth is often difficult when there is not a lot of support. They are much smaller than regular implants and removed after the treatment is finished.

Uprighting Molar with Dental Implants

To move a tooth back we can place an orthodontic implant behind it and attach it to the tooth with an elastic force. The elastic force will "pull" the tooth towards the implant, since the implant will not move and the tooth will with orthodontic forces. 

Molar Intrusion with Dental Implants

Teeth can also be intruded using orthodontic implants, preventing expensive and invasive treatments such as tooth lengthening, root canal treatment and crowns. In this situation two orthodontic implants are placed at the root area of the tooth and an elastic force is used to intrude the tooth. The implant will not move and the tooth will.

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